Healthy 100 Tools

Here are some quick and useful tools to help you set exercise goals and educate you about your health.

What's Your Life Expectancy?

Age / Longevity Calculator

Take our age calculator and find out what your life expectancy is, and get tips and resources to live to a Healthy 100.

Mobile Apps

  • Bottles of Water App

    Bottles of Water App

    Florida Hospital and Tupperware realize the importance of staying hydrated.

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  • Healthy 100 Habits App

    Healthy 100 Habits App

    Ready to make a change in your life? The Healthy 100 Habits app can support you.

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  • Target Heart Rate

    Target Heart Rate

    Your target heart rate is the range at which sustained physical activity.

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  • Calorie Burn Rate

    Calorie Burn Rate

    Estimate how many calories your favorite activity burns.

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  • Body Mass Index

    Body Mass Index

    Approximate how much body fat you have by simply entering your height and weight.

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