Healthy 100 Habits

Over 40% of the decisions we make each day are based on habit. Without a plan, it is difficult to create lasting change to live to a Healthy 100 years of age. The Healthy 100 Habits app provides the structure to hold yourself accountable so you can create the life you desire.

Choose from more than 100 built-in habits (or create your own) to make or break. Set a daily, weekly or monthly goal with small steps, then track and celebrate your success!  Healthy 100 Habits will offer rewards throughout your journey to give you motivation.

Habits aren’t only about losing weight, working out or eating better. Healthy habits may include spending more time with family, setting aside time for spiritual renewal or breaking out of your shyness by talking to new people. No matter what habit you want to change, the Florida Hospital Healthy 100 Habits app is here to support and encourage you to succeed.

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