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Less Stress at Work

Less Stress at Work

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It's easy to get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the workplace and end up losing your cool. Instead of letting stress get to you, try these helpful tips instead. Managing your mood might not be as hard as you'd think:

- Don't leave home without a healthy breakfast - just juice and coffee won't suffice.

- Pack energizing snacks (yogurt, cheese, popcorn, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter) to keep your blood sugar from dropping.

- Identify stress triggers and know how to counteract before getting upset or angry.

- Focus on solving problems rather than getting mired in negativity and complaints.

- Limit caffeine, which can make you edgy and nervous (drink water throughout the day instead). 

- Close your eves, breathe deeply and imagine a scene that makes you feel good.

- Accept that changes in the workplace are normal, not threatening.

- Take a break from your work area when it is permitted.

- Ease tension with 30 minutes of daily exercise and light stretching. 

- Clear your work area each day and plan for the next day.


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