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Interacting with the Earth

Interacting with the Earth

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Talk to anyone who gardens, and they'll tell you that time spent digging planting, and watering brings a whole new level of refreshment from the earth that is only found while crouching down on one knee with a handful of soil. It's an opportunity to pause and reflect, to organize the thoughts and wisdom we have gathered throughout the day, or to just interact with "earth."

No time or interest for gardening on a large scale? Try cultivating a little herb garden on your windowsill. Herbs make beautiful, fragrant gifts and add delicious flavors to your menu. Many garden and flower shops have easy-to grow herb boxes and starter kits you can purchase and enjoy.

The intricate workings of nature's intelligent design aren't, at first, obvious to the unlearned eye, so God intentionally prepared a mini-ecosystem for the first man and woman wherein they could learn about the earth as a whole and how to be good stewards of all creation. The Creator's choice of a garden atmosphere rather than an expansive wilderness for earth's first inhabitants hints at a subtle yet profound message-God intended a sense of order for us, too. In our personal spaces, He meant for us to live free from chaos.

By Monica Reed, MD 

Author of CREATION Health Breakthrough

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