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3 Ways to Avoid Food Temptation

3 Ways to Avoid Food Temptation

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Temptation abounds in our food-filled world. From the office vending machine to the shopping mall food court and all the other places in-between, food is everywhere.


In a perfect world, that vending machine would dispense salad and all chocolate bars would be calorie-free. But since calories do count, it’s important to be mindful of the food surrounding you so you can avoid temptation and overeating. Here are some tips.


#1 - Start at home: You control your fridge and pantry, so stock your kitchen with good-for-you items instead of unhealthy snacks. If chips and cookies aren’t in your cupboards, you can’t indulge. Try snacking on plain air-popped popcorn, whole-grain cereal and whole fruit or vegetables between meals.


#2 - Carry healthy snacks: It’s easy to grab a muffin or donut at the coffee shop, or a cupcake from the specialty baker when you’re hungry. But before you choose, consider the effect of extra calories, fat and sugar that wreak havoc on your heart and your waistline. Plan ahead and arm yourself with healthier snacks at all times. Enjoy an apple, a banana or some carrot sticks.


#3 - Keep food close by: You’ll be less likely to sample the pastry tray at your 3 p.m. meeting if you’ve just eaten a healthful snack. If your office has a fridge, stock low-fat cheese, yogurt, hummus and cut vegetables. No fridge? Keep non-perishable, high-fiber snacks (dry cereal, nuts, oatmeal) in your desk drawer. Attend meetings on a full stomach.


The key to overcoming food temptation — whether at food courts, the break room or coffee stands — is to plan ahead and keep healthy snacks nearby.


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