If Today Is All I Have

There are more than 125 million Americans who suffer from chronic disease. . . but you’ve never met one quite like Linda Nordyke Hambleton. If Today Is All I Have recounts the remarkable true story of Linda’s life, love, sickness, blindness, death, resuscitation, heartbreak, faith, hope, and ultimate peace. Equal parts medical drama, romance, and inspirational saga, her story could be described as “ER” meets “Touched by An Angel.” At its heart, Linda’s captivating account chronicles the struggle to reconcile her three dreams of experiencing life as a “normal woman” with the tough realities of her medical condition. Her journey is punctuated with insights that are at times humorous, painful, provocative, and life-affirming. “I first learned of my disease at age six,” Linda writes.

“Doctors gave me about twenty-five years to live. Despite multiple heart attacks, strokes, transplants, three years of blindness, and over sixty pills a day—I won’t give up. But medical complications tell only part of my story. Three heartfelt dreams gave me the courage to laugh, love, and live. This is my true story.” You can order a copy of the book here.

About Linda Nordyke Hambleton

LINDA NORDYKE HAMBLETON was diagnosed with juvenile-onset diabetes (type I diabetes mellitus) at the age of six. Doctors gave her to age twenty-five to live. With dreams, pain, laughter, and tears, she exceeded their prediction by more than twenty years. Truly a model of physical, mental, and spiritual human survival, Linda writes from the heart with honesty and experience. It is a message of hope to all individuals and their loved ones who suffer from the chronic condition called “life.”

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“To anyone looking into my sister’s life, it seems impossible to handle; yet with strength and conviction, she perseveres the pain and triumphs over the agony.  Through faith, laughter, and family, Linda is fighting for her life.  Growing up with her, I learned, along with my family, to appreciate all that God gives us and to trust His path.  For those who know and love her, the gift she gives is greater than anyone could imagine . . .the gift of hope.”

~ Karen Palmer, Linda’s Sister

“Linda really is quite an inspirational person – full of generosity and resilience.  There are so many unknowns about the disease—and she has been through the wringer with it.  To meet someone like Linda really does restore your faith in humanity.”    

~ Dr. John A. Dalles, Linda’s Pastor of 10 years

“Linda's story is so compelling that when she speaks, there’s not a dry eye in the convention hall.  The cry of her heart is a universal one.  Women of every background, nationality and faith identify with her deep desire to experience life as a complete woman. Given her challenging medical history and knowing a normal life may not be possible, her vibrant faith has inspired thousands of women and changed my faith life as well.”

~ Mary Lou Cummings, Chairwoman, Orlando Women’s Interfaith Prayer Celebration

“I’ve worked in healthcare my entire professional career.  Linda’s story is among the most powerful I’ve heard.  No one goes unchanged whose life touches hers.”  

~ Lars Houmann, President and CEO, Florida Hospital